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Wedding articles/Understand life

Life is always in their own start crying, the tears of others in the finish. Medically, there are tears clean the eye effect is a stress to outside stimuli is reflected from the fetus begins, there is a basis for tears. So, the tears gave life marked the brand until the end of life, there may be tears at the memory you have the soul of my Baby.

People are emotional animals, have emotions, not long-term depression in the bottom of my heart, appear on the outside, nothing more than expression, language, movement, etc., like Ye Hao, matter whether sad, crying and laughing, tears in the eyes of accumulation, to flow like water, drop by drop is the emotional world. This is a real world there are false, calling also trap ... there ...

Tears not only with the sad, sad, but also, and the joy. Nuji anti-laugh, and cried, in great surprise or happiness before, find it difficult to find the best way to express emotion, and tears are often the first step of dripping out. Smile and tears, outspoken nature, and then later a lot of emotion, complex emotions of a difficult way to make a sudden, and all unite in this welling liquid into the.

Tears seems destined woman, good bright eyes gaze, if hazy mist, is a bi beautiful secluded lake and the temptation, life and soul romantic unlimited intake. Little tears, Jiaochuan slightly Daiyu literally hook away the hearts of countless men, why are looking to "heaven a forest sister", can be imagined. There are tears, men tend to go to Lianxiangxiyu unrequited love, women often yielded innocent girl, the tears became a kind of harmony and love lubricant. But women can not use too much, because the face of a woman's tears, man is always anxious, confused, or we turn a blind eye, or to leave the territory. Woman, remember, many times, smiles and tears are equally important.

Men do not cry easily, so a man accustomed to the tears in my heart, let it flow in the blood, which is the influence of traditional culture. There will always be out of a strong camouflage collapse one day, when men really cry when we must be careful, it can be a real sea burst out of control. But most men would choose a corner or in the absence of the woman closest to cry in front of heartbreak, and most of the time he smiles hide the tears.

Dare to dare to laugh cry, is the true lover. The heart truth true tears true.

With a moving heart, we moisten with tears of sublime world; have a compassionate heart, we pay homage with tears, pain and sadness; have a sincere heart, we are suffering with tears to warm the soul.

Life always moves forward in tears, crying spicy sweet and sour tasting Subway, perhaps, to understand the tears, they understand life.


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